A flame-retardant glass fiber reinforced material for additive manufacturing

Less than six months after the launch on the market of Windform FR1, a carbon fiber-reinforced flame-retardant material for professional 3D printing, CRP Technology is presenting a new composite material from the Top-Line family of composite materials for SLS: Windform FR2.

Windform FR2 is a flame retardant polyamide-based glass fiber reinforced material.

It diverges from Windform FR1 on some properties, including: reinforcement material (Windform FR2 is glass fiber reinforced, Windform FR1 is carbon fiber reinforced), color (Windform FR2 is off-white, Windform FR1 is dark gray), electrical behavior (Windform FR2 is electrically insulating), smoother surface finish.

Windform FR2 passed successfully the FAR 25.853 12-second vertical and 15-second horizontal flammability tests as well as the 45° Bunsen burner test and Smoke density test.

Franco Cevolini, VP and CTO at CRP Technology commented:

“CRP Technology constantly produces technological breakthroughs and highest level solutions. Only a few months ago we launched Windform FR1, flame retardant carbon fiber reinforced material. Now we introduced Windform FR2, a flame retardant material which is glass fiber reinforced. Flame retardants are not new to the 3D printing market but flame retardant materials which were also reinforced and presenting significant mechanical properties, lacked.
We at CRP Technology were the first to fill this void; we have created not only the first material of its kind, but now two. In order invent these materials, we must anticipate, intercept and satisfy the requests of the most demanding and innovative industrial sectors.”

Windform FR2 is halogen free polyamide based material, which combines outstanding wear resistance and good temperature resistance.

It is not electrically conductive. It allows for good detail resolution with smoother surface finish when compared to Windform FR1.

Owing to its flame-retardant quality and insulating properties, Windform FR2 is suitable for aircrafts and aerospace applications, automotive parts (casings of electrical and electronic components, housing and enclosure assemblies), consumer goods (lighting, appliances) and in general for any parts requiring flame retardancy.

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