Roboze One+400 Xtreme selected by Pennsylvania State University

CIMP-3D includes several additive manufacturing (AM) systems as well as a state-of-the-art design studio and prototyping laboratory. Current research activity within the center is directed at the development of technologies that will enable utilization of additive manufacturing in industry.

The Roboze One+400 Xtreme will be located within the Department of Chemical Engineering, one of the largest and highly influential chemical engineering departments in the United States. The new 3D printer is specifically designed to produce functional finished parts with high performance and easily prints advanced composite materials suitable for extreme operating conditions. Moreover, it is equipped to enable new and significant innovations in the FFF 3D printing technology sector. 

Prof. Bryan D. Vogt from the Department of Chemical Engineering says:

“Roboze One+400 Xtreme will be used to examine novel polymers to help to fundamentally understand the 3D printing process and as a tool to enable custom equipment more cost effectively than can be obtained with machining metals while also allowing for designs not possible with traditional manufacture. It will allow Penn State  to leverage its expertise in materials science, engineering and characterization to enable new solutions to problems through additive manufacturing.”

Roboze solutions are the most precise in the world thanks to the Beltless System.

This Beltless System introduces a direct movement of the X and Y-axes, entrusted to hardened steel rack and pinions. The repeatability of the movements is guaranteed by the gear teeth and ensures smoothness of the movement, quietness, positioning precision equal to 0.4 mil/0,01mm and very easy and fast maintenance operations. 

The manufacturer’s choice of these components is fundamental to guarantee the best quality printing of high temperature polymers like PEEK. 

Prof. Vogt affirms:

“Our prior 3D printer had issues printing high temperature engineering plastics like PEEK with severe deformation of the structure generally observed.  After challenges with printing PEEK with standard belt driven systems, the novel direct drive approach with the Roboze was an added bonus.”

Roboze is an Italo-American 3D printing company, which designs and produces additive manufacturing solutions for aeronautics, space, defense, oil & gas and motorsport industries, offering the best 3D printers for extreme applications through a constant product innovation. Its solutions are specifically designed to offer high quality standards in the production of metal replacement parts. With a portfolio of 14 super polymers and composite materials, replacement applications, reducing time and costs in the most extreme environments, on demand and just in time. With the addition of the Roboze, students in Penn State’s Department of Chemical Engineering will test new polymers as well as develop new formulations in order to supply multi functionality to the printed parts.

More information: WWW.ROBOZE.COM

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